my goal

my goal

I know this might sound wildly crazy but my dream would be for everyone to understand how powerful their words are, how impactful their words are. Not only the words we speak aloud but also the words we use when we talk to ourselves.

Once we begin speaking with intentional kindness things change. Once we begin speaking to ourselves with intentional kindness, we change. Collectively, we all shift into a higher level of energy, a kinder, lighter, more balanced energy. Sharing that energy is what transcends the world. When we make these kind of shifts, it changes what we attract, who we attract and what we become. It's kind of like dominos, when we change everyone changes. And when everyone changes...the world follows.

You are the leader friend ✨

share the vibe • change the world

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I love hi friend! Thanks for the comfy T-shirts and wonderful message you bring to the world.

Penny Roberts

I love hi friend. Thanks for the comfy shirts and wonderful world message!

Penny Roberts

I meant to circle back and buy a tshirt and didn’t. Is there a way I can connect with you to get one? You said you were in Birmingham. I could come to you.


I love Hi Friend…change the world friend!!!

heather e gibson

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