We've been a bit quiet lately....

We've been a bit quiet lately....

Wondering why we've been so quiet lately? After that amazing launch at the Ferndale DIY Street Fair and the mad love you guys showed us, we nearly sold out of our entire inventory. I know right! You caught us off guard. We had no idea you'd love hi friend as much as we do. Between the crazy shipping challenges and fulfilling orders, we wanted to make sure we had the product in our hands before we took any more orders. 

And yes, we got your requests! We have a fresh batch of hi friend gear ready for pick up on Friday (October 29th). And we added a few pieces!! After your resounding requests, we have added baseball hats, winter hats and kids sizes!!

I know right! Let's get this party started!!

We are looking to hit a few more pop ups before Christmas. If you know of any places we should be, send them to us! info@hifriend.me

We are beyond grateful for all the love and support that you all showed us! 

Thanks friend!

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