what I know now

what I know now

What I know now, nearly 20 years later is that hi friend is an energy exchange! There's something powerful that happens when those two words are shared. They shift the vibe. They open us up to a higher level of vibration, a higher level of energy. There's a true energy exchange that happens and we're intrigued.

Words are powerful. And most of us have probably yet to notice that words are loaded with energy They hold and offer an energy exchange each and every time we use them. I mean, not to get too far in the weeds but the words we use create our daily reality. Our words paint our perspective. They share our vibe and our model of the world. They are what we use to communicate and lead. As we become more conscious of our words, we start to see how they impact us.

Sometimes words can feel heavy. They can be hurtful and oftentimes they may even leave a dent in us. Yet words can also incredibly impactful. Sometimes the kind words of a stranger completely change our day. They leave us in a better vibe than where we started. They offer a higher level of energy. That's my goal with hi friend, to leave people in a better place by simply using kind words.

When someone greets you, whether you know them or not, with intentional kind energy, you feel it...and it changes you. Not only does it change you, it changes everyone you come into contact with. It impacts the energy in the room and effects the world around you. That kind and generous energy is often palpable and literally raises the vibration on this beautiful planet. That's my goal here friend.

Imagine what's possible once we all start raising the vibe intentionally ✨

share the vibe • change the world

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